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N SE UCH NJV-16 NV-16 Siggen's Zeppelin  

DOB: 01-08-2015
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO49975/15
Color: Red/white
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 100%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 44 in 5 gen. (70.97%), unique: 44)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
WW09 INT US S EST SK UCH Nebriowa Cole Haan
Nebriowa Cole Haan
US UCH Fergwyn Now Voyager
Fergwyn Now Voyager
Fergwyn Captain Fantasy
US CH Dwynella Royale Footman
Salvenik Super Chance
CH Dwynella Adict'D To Love
Fergwyn Modesty Blaise
AUCH Fergwyn Resolute
Fergwyn Blyth Spirit
Fergwyn Chance Encounter
Jopearl Manhattan Moon
Fergwyn Coco Chanel
US CH Nebriowa Hello Godd Lookin
Nebriowa Hello Godd Lookin
US UCH Hum'nbird Valedictorian
US UCH Larchmonts Hum'n Bird Hum
Beaukays Double Delight
US CH Nebriowa China Dove
US UCH Nebriowa Fron And Center
Belroyd Dovekie
NORD FI UCH Siggen's Sweet Sensation
Siggen's Sweet Sensation
GCH Tallyrand Halo Chaser
Tallyrand Halo Chaser
AM CH Aberlee Bransby
AUST CH Vlandyn Silver Phantom
Blaizewood Crackerjack Of Kilvewood
Vlandyn Victoria Plum
Aberlee Kiga
Tallyrand Devoted To You
CH Tallyrand Archangel Michael
Tallyrand Consider The Lilies
INT N SE UCH NORDV-10 NVV-16 Siggen's Hazel
Siggen's Hazel
INT AU S EST UCH Cuuchin Aspenglow
AU CH Cuuchin Lotza Pizazz
AU CH Antudor Lucky Star
AU CH Cuuchin Charisma
Cuuchin Gold Sequins
AU CH Aberlee Star Sequence
Cuuchin Gold Dust
INT NORD FIN UCH NV-04 NVV-11 Siggen's Uptown Girl SV-04-05 EUV-06 WW-10 NVV-12
NORD UCH Pemland Moonlight
Belroyd Dragonfly
Pemland Lady Of Night
INT NORD UCH Siggen's Jessika
N UCH Stompen's Herman
INT NORD UCH NV-91'92'97'99 Siggen's Conny SV-93'94 EUV-07 BRV-95 KBHV-97
Direct offspring
With: C.I.B NORD GB HR UCH NV-14 Siggen's Queen Of Spades NORDV-14
Siggen's Dancing Dolly
Siggen's Dylan
Siggen's Domino
Siggen's Dreamgirl
Siggen's Dixie
With: N UCH C.I.B. Gloria Swanson Des Contamines
Annwn's Bobcat
Annwn's Brenin
With: NORDJV-14 Welincha's Racy Cat
Welincha's Heavently Hazel
Welincha's Hachiko Haly Percy
Welincha's Hercules Blackboy
Welincha's Honey Hunter Winnie
Welincha's Heath Redboy
From same sire and dam:
Siggen's Zabrina
N UCH Siggen's Zofus
Siggen's Zokrates
Siggen's Zorro
Siggen's Zeus
Siggen's Zoffi
From same sire (Nebriowa Cole Haan):
With: N S UCH Siggen's Elle Ville
N UCH Siggen's Jolene
Siggen's Joy Of Gaia
Siggen's Just Buster
NORD UCH Siggen's Janis Joplin
Siggen's Java De Luxe
Siggen's Jussi
Siggen's Jade
Siggen's Jozze- Finfin
Siggen's Jewel
With: INT NORD FIN UCH NV-04 NVV-11 Siggen's Uptown Girl SV-04-05 EUV-06 WW-10 NVV-12
Siggen's Karisma
Siggen's Kjekke Larry
INT NORD DK SE UCH Siggen's Kosakk NORDJV-10
Siggen's Keso
NORDJV-10 Siggen's Kelly
Siggen's Kira
With: N UCH Benfro's Guinevere
Gwentail's Aramis
Gwentail's Athos Wildenwey
Gwentail's Portos
Gwentail's Enya
With: Siggen's Angel
Welincha's Cindy
Welincha's Casper
Welincha's Cole Dc
Welincha's Coscos
Welincha's Chili
BH Welincha's Cool Sassa
Welincha's Chakira
With: Siggen's Gorgeous
Siggen's Lance
Siggen's Lennart
Siggen's Leolyn
Siggen's Lionheart
Siggen's Logrefant
AUS CH Siggen's Lucy
With: N SE DK UCH Welincha's Welincha
NO31088/11 Adante Av Quantos
Alex Av Quantos
IL UCH Asko Av Quantos
Ascher Av Quantos
Allan Av Quantos
N SE UCH Annabella Av Quantos
With: F-l Absolute Stella
Cs Bella
Cs Corsikas
Cs Polo
Cs Max
Cs Max
Cs Max
With: N UCH Siggen's Fanny
Cennards Dancing Queen
Cennards Dino Zuff
Cennards Darcy Of Pemberly
Cennards Dylan Bob
Cennards Dolce Vita
Cennards Duchess Of Joy
Cennards Donnatella
With: N UCH Znorkefrøken Av Lee Armand
De' Leonard Av Lee Armand
Dim Rajesh Av Lee Armand
Din Howard Av Lee Armand
Dr Sheldon Av Lee Armand
With: N S UCH Siggen's Elle Ville
Siggen's No One Like Me
From same dam (Siggen's Sweet Sensation):
no data