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C.I.B NORD DK UCH NV-15 Siggen's Pusjkin NORDV-15  

DOB: 21-03-2012
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO40131/12
Color: Red/white
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.2%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 98.3%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 60 in 5 gen. (96.77%), unique: 59)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
INT GB CH WW-08 EUW-11 Andvol Ya Tvoy Kumir
Andvol Ya Tvoy Kumir
MOL UKR RFK RUS UCH Ermyn Cranberry Frost
Ermyn Cranberry Frost
GB CH Ermyn Wing And Prayer
GB CH Foxydale Smart Guy
Adurlands M'lord The Charmer Of Bry
Belroyd Dawn Chorus Of Foxydale
Ermyn Star Performer
Ermyn Star Of Fortune
Lenneyl Superstar At Ermyn
Janjinks Noonday Star At Ermyn
GB AM UCH Ninacorte Star Caster At Woodhenge
AM CH Renefield Sportscaster
GB CH Woodhenge Sun Maiden
Ermyn Moonlight Romance at Janjinks
Ermyn Star Of Fortune
Windsor Quiz at Ermyn
RU CH Andvol Koroleva Margo
Andvol Koroleva Margo
RUS RFK UCH Andvol Zolotoy Oscar
FIN & EST CH, ESTW96 Fedina's Take and Touch
FIN CH Finnheeler Fidelio
Fedina's Parisian Blonde
CH Svarzekoks I'M Your Idol
Tri Your Luck Lisiura
CAC Natural Octopussy
Andvol Emili
Allimac's Kala'Hari (NB)
Svarzekoks Now Or Never
FIN MVA DK MVA N MVA Allimac`s Tinsel
CH RUS Sarmen Drastic
Siggen's Jozze- Finfin
Siggen's Jozze- Finfin
WW09 INT US S EST SK UCH Nebriowa Cole Haan
Nebriowa Cole Haan
US UCH Fergwyn Now Voyager
Fergwyn Captain Fantasy
US CH Dwynella Royale Footman
Fergwyn Modesty Blaise
Fergwyn Chance Encounter
Jopearl Manhattan Moon
Fergwyn Coco Chanel
US CH Nebriowa Hello Godd Lookin
US UCH Hum'nbird Valedictorian
US UCH Larchmonts Hum'n Bird Hum
Beaukays Double Delight
US CH Nebriowa China Dove
US UCH Nebriowa Fron And Center
Belroyd Dovekie
N S UCH Siggen's Elle Ville
Siggen's Elle Ville
S UCH Siggen's Dooley
INT NORD US UCH NV-08-10 Siggen's Yassir
SE UCH EE UCH EEV04'05 Craigycor Rum Punch
N UCH Siggen's Roxy Music
INT S EST UCH Otreks Northern Star
US CH Pentalar Prince Harri
Otreks Foolish Design
INT NORD FIN UCH NV-04 NVV-11 Siggen's Uptown Girl SV-04-05 EUV-06 WW-10 NVV-12
NORD UCH Pemland Moonlight
Belroyd Dragonfly
Pemland Lady Of Night
INT NORD UCH Siggen's Jessika
N UCH Stompen's Herman
INT NORD UCH NV-91'92'97'99 Siggen's Conny SV-93'94 EUV-07 BRV-95 KBHV-97
Direct offspring
With: INT N SE UCH NORDV-10 NVV-16 Siggen's Hazel
Siggen's Walter
Siggen's Wolfgang
Siggen's World-famous Wilm
Siggen's Wildflower Lily
Siggen's Wimsy
With: INT NORD UCH NV-11 Cimaith's Elegant Siggen Design
Siggen's Xavier
Siggen's Xcalibur
Siggen's Xplorer
NORD UCH BG BGGr UCH NV-16 Siggen's Xtraordinary KBHV-17
Siggen's Xtravagant
Siggen's Xcuse Me
Siggen's Xenia
With: N UCH Siggen's Spring Fling
N DK UCH SEJV-16 Montmorenja's Naughty But Nice
NV-17 Montmorenja's Naugthy Louie
Montmorenja's Nocturne Meeka
Montmorenja's Neville Longbottom
Montmorenja's Nero
Montmorenja's No Mercy
Montmorenja's Nebulous
Montmorenja's Not For Sale
With: C.I.B. AU GRCH NORD FI UCH Bojojamile Behind The News NV-17-18 NORDV-17-18
Siggen's Illuminator
Siggen's Ignition
Siggen's Intermezzo
Siggen's Idol
Siggen's Independent
Siggen's Irresistible
From same sire and dam:
Dragonjoy Dream Of Spring
Siggen's Pax
Siggen's Penny
Siggen's Posh
Siggen's Polina Rose
From same sire (Andvol Ya Tvoy Kumir):
With: Unknown
With: RU CH Tsunami iz Doma Levshovoi
Kupava iz Doma Levshovoi
With: PLCH INTCH Imago's Gainly Gossip
DK SE N UCH VDHCH I´M The Future Gaucho
With: RU UA CZ CH Andvol Tsirceya
INT RU GrCH RU Balt NORD CH Andvol Kolombina BY EE LT LV FI SE CH EUW15-16
With: Hillberry You Gotta Love It
RU CH Anastasiya O'R Tirroedd Isel
With: INT N SE UCH NORDV-10 NVV-16 Siggen's Hazel
Siggen's Quality Black Pearl
C.I.B N UCH Siggen's Quartz
C.I.B NORD DK UCH NV-15 Siggen's Queen Of Diamonds
C.I.B NORD GB HR UCH NV-14 Siggen's Queen Of Spades NORDV-14
N UCH Siggen's Q-per
Siggen's Quade
Siggen's Quizmaster
With: Siggen's Another Star
Siggen's Meeko
Siggen's My Villads
Siggen's Mishka
Siggen's My Caroline
Siggen's Masha
From same dam (Siggen's Jozze- Finfin):
With: Siggen's Imperial Touch
Grey Shadow Ezquire Tommy Toy
Grey Shadow Ezzo Billy Boy
Grey Shadow Ezzi Ezperanza