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Siggen's Imperial Touch  

DOB: 12-02-2009
Deceased: -
RegNo: NO37589/09
Color: Red/white
Country of origin: Norway
Owner : -
Breeder : -
Comments: -
COI and AVK generations:
Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 3.91%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 85.7%
(max. possible ancestors in 5 gen.: 62, found: 56 in 5 gen. (90.32%), unique: 48)
generations   vertical pedigree   generations with photo  
INT NORD US UCH NV-08-10 Siggen's Yassir
Siggen's Yassir
SE UCH EE UCH EEV04'05 Craigycor Rum Punch
US CH Tallyrand No Greater Love
US CH Llandians Sweet Success
US CH Tallyrand Amazing Love
IR CH Shavals Fire Vision At Craigycor
GB AM UCH Ninacorte Star Caster At Woodhenge
AM CH Renefield Sportscaster
GB CH Woodhenge Sun Maiden
Shavals Fire Odyssey
N UCH Siggen's Roxy Music
NORD UCH Pemland Moonlight
Belroyd Dragonfly
GB CH Cordach Tribune
Belroyd Wood Chat
Pemland Lady Of Night
CH Bannalyne Royal Edition Of Rivona
Fitzdown Misty Coral Of Pemland
N S UCH Siggen's Lickety Split
INT NORD UCH VDH CH LUX F UCH Siggen's Jeremy EUV-97 KBHV-97 NV-98
N UCH Stompen's Herman
INT NORD UCH NV-91'92'97'99 Siggen's Conny SV-93'94 EUV-07 BRV-95 KBHV-97
Carillo Whirl Wind
INT N UCH NORD V-87 NV-88-89 Siggen's Vanco
N S UCH Carillo Wich Witch
N UCH Siggen's Ayla
NORD UCH NVV-11 Stompen's Oliver
NORD FIN UCH NV-03-04 WW-03 INT UCH Siggen's Romulus Rocco
NORD UCH Pemland Moonlight
Belroyd Dragonfly
Pemland Lady Of Night
N S UCH Siggen's Lickety Split
INT NORD UCH VDH CH LUX F UCH Siggen's Jeremy EUV-97 KBHV-97 NV-98
Carillo Whirl Wind
Stompen's Ninni
INT NORD UCH PORT AUST CH Siggen's Oberon NV-00-01-02-05 NORDV-02 SV-01 WW-01
N S UCH Siggen's Lickety Split
INT AM NORD FIN UCH Otreks Only In My Dreams NORDV-02-06 NV-00-03-05-07-08
AM CH Shavals Fire Master
AM CH Otreks Pale Draft Of Redbud
INT S EST UCH Otreks Northern Star
Otreks Northern Star
US CH Pentalar Prince Harri
GB CH Foxydale Smart Guy
Adurlands M'lord The Charmer Of Bry
Belroyd Dawn Chorus Of Foxydale
Pentalar Black Princess
US CH Ninacorte Star Caster
Belroyd Lapwing Of Pentalar
Otreks Foolish Design
US CH Pentalar Star Struck Of Revelmere
US CH Ninacorte Star Caster
Revelmere Sunbeam Of Pentalar
US CH Otreks Hearts Design
US CH Aubrey's Heart Of The Matter
US CH Otreks Genuine Draft
Direct offspring
With: Unknown
C.I.B. N SE DK UCH Dideriksen`s Dexter
With: N UCH Siggen's Jolene
Mabel Joy's Ain´t No Mountain
Mabel Joy's My Guy
Mabel Joy's Baby Love
Mabel Joy's Shop Around
Mabel Joy's My Girl
Mabel Joy's Rolling Stone
With: N S UCH Siggen's Elle Ville
Siggen's Ralph Lauren
With: Siggen's Jozze- Finfin
Grey Shadow Ezquire Tommy Toy
Grey Shadow Ezzo Billy Boy
Grey Shadow Ezzi Ezperanza
From same sire and dam:
Siggen's In The Getto
Siggen's Isak
Siggen's Intermesso Gizmo
Siggen's Ingo
From same sire (Siggen's Yassir):
With: N UCH Vovselia's Zurriburri
S UCH Ulfs Chanti
With: NORD UCH Cimaith's By Siggen's Request
Siggen's Bess
Siggen's Blure
With: INT S EST UCH Otreks Northern Star
S UCH Siggen's Dooley
INT N SE GB UCH NV-07 SV-08 Siggen's Doffen
Siggen's Dylan
Siggen's Dinah
Siggen's Don Juan
Siggen's Du Emma
With: N UCH Siggen's Zeta Jones
Cimaith's Calvin Klein
Cimaith's Cindy Lauper
Cimaith's Celine Dion
With: N UCH Vovselia's Zurriburri
With: Leite-gård's Waneska
Felix Av Ronerau
RLI RLII Franki Goes To Hollywood Av Ronerau
Foxy Av Ronerau
First And Famous Av Ronerau
With: Siggen's Angel
Welincha's Zafir
Welincha's Zorro
Welincha's Zet Up
Welincha's Zofie
From same dam (Siggen's Ayla):
With: AU CH NV-12 Bojojamile Bring It On
N UCH Stompen's Pelle
Stompen's North-star Paulina
Stompen's Pluto
NJV-11 Stompen's Proffen
Stompen's Point
NJV-11 N UCH Stompen's Pamela
Stompen's Penny-lane
Stompen's Pixie
Stompen's Qt
Stompen's Qvai
Stompen's Qvatro
NJV-13 Stompen's Quella
Stompen's Quenn Maud